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Whether you work for a corporate, government, non-profit, religious or social organizations, Ms. Hicks and partner Sande Allen are trained expert facilitators who can help your team(s) enhance productivity by building better work relations.


Someone once said, “The sum is greater than its parts.”  This is the secret ingredient to the success of effective Team Work.  With over 29 years of management and training experience, Ms. Hicks and Ms. Allen  are experts on cultivating strong, trust-oriented working environments. 

Since publishing her critically acclaimed best-selling book, 

“A Hill to Climb: A Teenager‘s Battle with Cancer, Depression, and Drug Addiction,”

Louise enlightens inspiring and current authors alike on the best practices for building their brand as a writer. 


Discover how to sell your book Anywhere, Anyplace and Anytime. 

Louise has devoted much of her time to traveling the nation and teaching fundamental techniques to women, youth, and entrepreneurs that will encourage them to stay focused on their life aspirations and goals.



Louise Hicks has always been focused on helping others. After migrating from Shreveport, Louisiana to Long Beach, California in 1969, she attended California State University, Long Beach where she obtained her Bachelors’ Degree in Social Work. She went on to work for the county of Los Angeles for 32 years in Social Work Management and retired in 2006.


Her personal and professional struggles encouraged her to pursue her love of outreach further so she launched L. Hicks Consulting Services, LLC in 2009. Through her company she has been working to positively impact the people and the world around her. She has touched countless lives with her best-selling book, “A Hill to Climb – A Teenager’s Battle with Cancer, Depression, and Drug Addiction” (published 2009 by Tate Publishing, LLC). The real-life account, chronicles her experiences as she helps her 14-year-old son David, battle bone cancer, depression and later a drug addiction that plagues David in his adult life.


Her inspiring story has landed her a guest spot on CNN news and has opened doors for her to speak, inspire, and motivate audiences across the nation. Louise enjoys sharing her transformational views on how to step into one’s purpose-using her book as a catalyst for the discussion on mental health, lifestyle improvements, and a host of other topics.


So what’s next for Louise? Currently, she is promoting a nationwide community outreach campaign called AIMED 2 PURPOSE®, which allows her to travel the nation speaking to women, at-risk youth, entrepreneurs, and anyone who wants to improve their quality of life. As an extension of the campaign, Louise launched a new internet radio show entitled AIMED 2 PURPOSE® - The Radio Show on July 7, 2014.  The 1-hour weekly show featured Louise along with her eldest son Kennon Wesley Mason where they discussed a wide range of topics from spirituality, work/life management and healthy living. This show was launched on the Global Voice Broadcasting Network in Hollywood, California for four seasons with national and international guests and call in from listeners across the globe.

After a 5-year hiatus, on January 30, 2021, Louise launched "Aimed 2 Purpose Spiritual Empowerment Hour", a live social media platform using her signature brand "Aimed 2 Purpose" to promote love, peace and harmony to help make the world a better place. Through this platform, Louise is on an elevation journey where her primary focus is on her Black community to support and help provide a higher level of consciousness, thus producing legacy, generational wealth and a greater sense of family, health, and self love with an energetic, realistic approach where everyone is welcomed and invited to become involved regardless of their beliefs. 


Louise has also revived her consulting business, where she has taken on more speaking engagements, coaching, counseling, business clients, facilitating workshops and more. 


2 new books, a screen adaptation of “A Hill to Climb” and a host of multimedia projects are also on the horizon for Louise and the AIMED 2 PURPOSE brand. Online she encourages her followers that “Your Power Lies Within You – Let It Loose!”, hoping that they will lead by her example.

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