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About L. Hicks Consulting Services, LLC.

We provide a boutique of services in partnership with another business partner: As a Keynote Elevation Speaker, Success & Life Elevation Coach, Award-Winning Author and CEO/Founder of L. Hicks Consulting Services, LLC, my goal is to support and bring my clients to a higher level of consciousness to ensure they achieve their vision and become Aimed 2 their Purpose through Self Empowerment.  Through my own research and experiences, I engage clients in using the power within to gain confidence in themselves, understand the root causes of their fear to move forward and use their own their GPS (God Powered System) to get the desires of their hearts.  We facilitate a personal and career development workshop for businesses in the areas of employee relations, strategic planning and training to enhance and build customer relationships and retention; we organize/facilitate customized retreats and vision board guidance to help clients organize their life; Mental Health & Healthier Lifestyle Advocate & More.

Speaking Engagements

Louise Hicks has devoted much of her time to traveling the nation motivating and inspiring audiences to realize that their destiny is their command.  She shares her own personal experiences, knowledge, and wisdom to profoundly, passionately, and compassionately touch the lives of others to assist them to move their lives forward and use their “Brain Power” to empower themselves through their positive thoughts to move from despair to happiness to success.   


In her own words, she said, “When you know who you are, you are already rich in powerful thoughts that are prevalent in the brilliance of your mind to be a faithful steward and servant – The money will automatically follow.” She has captivated audiences by sharing her fundamental techniques and proven formula to living a healthier, happier, and successful life.


As a motivational and inspirational speaker, Louise shares her exclusive brand AIMED 2 PURPOSE™,where she assists participants in discovering the power PURPOSE of Pursuing Urgently Realistic Potential Opportunities Successfully Envisioned.

She is a highly energetic and engaging speaker who believes to be a successful and happy individual, you must pursue your passion as she believes her signature quote, “Your Power Lies Within You – Let It Loose”™ is not just a quote, but an empowering and passionate way of life that she has lived by for years.


She brings on-site custom seminars to you with an eye on using visionary thinking, knowledge, and action to get AIMED 2 PURPOSE™.  Living by the principle, “Actions Speak Louder than Words,” Ms. Hicks founded a community outreach campaign for the Greater Southwest Region of Dallas in November 2010 entitled, “Moving Forward through Faith, Love, Unity & Action.”  The highly praised event was as an inspirational venture for the Community-At-Large.   


Discover how you, too, can live with courage and confidence and empower yourself through the power of positive thinking to manifest what you want in life! 

Workshops & Seminars

Getting Your Needs Met in the Work Environment

  • Your staff or members will learn how to collaborate and bond in productive ways

  • Support a more empowered way of working together as a team

  • Break down barriers of communication that will enhance productivity for your clients

  • Learn effective leadership skills and strategies to build morale and optimize productivity.


Book Publishing Strategies-The 101s to Becoming a Published Author

In this ground-breaking workshop, you and/or your writing colleagues will learn tried-and-true skills for promoting your best asset, You!


The AIMED 2 PURPOSE Worskshop

Discover the power of PURPOSE (Pursuing Urgently Realistic Potential  Opportunities Successfully Envisioned). If you need a facilitator to plan or organize a workshop, special meeting, or teambuilding event, we can help.

Spiritual Retreats

If we are not careful, our stress levels can easily rise right along with gas prices and cost of living expenses. These frequent challenges are often beyond our control.  However, we can choose to make a conscious decision to live a balanced, productive and more fulfilled life.  


L. Hicks Consulting Services, LLC. can facilitate a retreat that inspires a focus towards purpose, health, happiness and accumulating wealth.


Learn how we can facilitate a memorable retreat that your members will not only enjoy but may consider life changing. 


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