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Wonders of Nature

Imagine how God gives us all the fruits of the spirit and natures' wonders to revitalize our bodies. When we use all of God’s blessings, we blossom just as the fruits and vegetables of nature blossom for the nourishment of our bodies. Plant your seeds, and water them, which is what we should do when seeds are planted. Plant your seeds of dreams, water, and watch dreams grow into reality. Fill your body with fine foods and see God’s miraculous healing of mind, body, and spirit renewed daily as we awaken to a new day. I am getting ready for a few surprises I have in store for you – awe-inspiring – will share with more detail to you later.

Enjoy the beauty of nature. Coming soon I will share with you my latest venture, an organic cook book, a joint venture with my son, Kennon Mason, Certified Nutritionist, Wellness Advocate, and Board Certified Holistic Pychology Practictioner where we not only provide you with healthy recipes to nourish your body, but a wealth of motivation and inspiration to free your soul. I am also putting the final touches on my next book that will be an inspiration as well.

Take care of yourself and inspire someone today with an act of kindness. Take care and know that you are in command of your destiny and allow no one to steal or kill your dream!

© 2013 by Louise Hicks – All Rights Reserved

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