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Aimed 2 Purpose™ Radio Debuts July 7th at 5PM PST

Hello friends,

I am so excited to announce the launch Aimed 2 Purpose™ The Radio Show. Join myself and Kennon Wesley Mason every Monday, beginning July 7th for "REAL TALK" as we cover a host of relevant, thought provoking and informative topics.

Would you like to wake up every morning with pure love for yourself and others, knowing you have joy, peace, happiness, and prosperity in your life? This is what AIMED 2 PURPOSE™ The Radio Show is all about!.

We will explore and discuss Spirituality, Life Management, Health, Education, Wealth, Work, Hot Topics, and the list goes on!

We will also have a segment for Entrepreneurs—”Small Business Monday” and Global Dynamic Informative Guests.

See Life from a Different Perspective Every Monday—JOIN US!"

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