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Your Internal Trainer "The IT Thing"

I believe each of us is born with an Intuitive Operative Natural Ability (IONA) to discern as we evolve from childhood to adulthood that enables us to make decisions in life. IONA coupled with our environment, heredity, and socialization is what prepares us for adulthood from infancy. That IONA is the complement that allows our Internal Trainer (IT) to kick in and that is what carries us throughout our life. Our Internal Trainer is likened to an innate guide or road map that helps us to understand who we are and how to facilitate ourselves through life. Depending on how our IT evolves, we can find ourselves channeling our positive energy into negative energy, thus causing us to make poor choices and not live up to our full potential and birth purpose. In order to keep our positive energy flowing, we should be cognitive in avoidance of negative environmental and socialization behaviors within our circle of family and friends.

Learning coping skills and understanding how our thoughts can impact our daily lives is vital to surviving and maintaining a balanced and successful life. When we teach our children at an early age about IONA and IT, they will have a greater chance of awareness and coming into their greatness. When we educate our children and allow them to grow and develop their God given gifts and talents and assist them to be who they are born to be, we not only elevate them, but we elevate ourselves. Let’s make learning fun again and go back to the basics with a technological twist to keep up with the evolutionary, visionary excitement of social networks and media express. Perhaps we can see our children excel and achieve and we won’t have to work hard to keep their interest.

Let’s stay AIMED 2 PURPOSE™ with VISION – HOPE – FAITH – KNOWLEDGE – ACTION and help our children and ourselves change the way we think and start thinking the way we have changed and make a global positive difference. With a healthier, happier, and wealthier YOU, it will be with pleasure when you retire and see your children following in your footsteps, knowing those footsteps have made pathways for generations to come.

© 2013 by Louise Hicks – All Rights Reserved

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