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A Mesage About Breast Cancer Awareness from Kennon Wesley Mason, H.A.P.P.

Kennon Wesley Mason, H.A.P.P.



PREFACE: This is the 4th year sharing my information, this year with a few new statements. It is imperative to take the time to learn & discover truths about this symptom, not to be brushed off as mere rhetoric because the information does not fit the current treatment paradigm. Whether you agree or disagree with the content, this is to stimulate conscious and/or critical thinking, and dialogue for those who truly care. If you currently know anyone that has been diagnosed with any type of cancer, is currently contemplating or considering standard U.S. medical treatments, or who has already gone through such treatments, please feel free to copy & share this on your page, and reveal to your scope of influence, and everyone you authentically care for & love.

October as most people know is "Breast Cancer Awareness Month". This national campaign was founded in 1985 to bring awareness to all the women that have past on, or “survived” the breast cancer illness. All women of America must & need to be aware they can cure themselves, or better phrased, the human body can heal/cure itself of ALL cancers naturally including Breast Cancer. This is a documented & proven scientific fact, globally! There is absolutely no need to keep going for annual walks in the park or through the city streets to raise money for "Research Foundations" for a cancer cure that will never be created by the conventional western medical establishment. Wearing pink or wearing pink ribbons in the month of October will not bring anyone closer to a cure for breast cancer. Or, as a question, has wearing pink or pink ribbons in the month of October since 2008 brought researchers any closer to finding a cure for breast cancer? A bigger question is; has this national campaign brought the nation any closer to finding a cure for this type of cancer? Individuals who are a part of these foundations such as the American Cancer Society, the National Cancer Institute, and the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. (with their “Donate A Mammogram Now” advertising) definitely do not want to lose their 6 figure salaries as they perpetuate the very illness they claim to want a cure for. If one day (hypothetical of course) there were a national news break which said, “Top Physicians Have Finally Discovered The Cure For Cancer, And No, It Is Not Chemotherapy!” they would be on the EDD unemployment website the next day. Cancer does not exist in other parts of the world, or at the least it’s very rare, yet here in United States we have the highest rate of all cancers and the numbers are consistently rising.

You must know, Cancer is a CORPORATE BUSINESS, a nearly $300,000,000,000 (Three Hundred Billion Dollar) BUSINESS globally, and has been since the early 1970's during the Richard Nixon presidency when he announced the “WAR” on cancer! Remember, ALL wars create revenue! Do you ever wonder where all that money goes and to whom? Of course not! Women (And men) are kept in fear of cancer because they've been conditioned to be in fear of cancer by the western medical establishment and our U.S. media. FEAR CAUSES STRESS! STRESS CAUSES FEAR! BOTH CAUSE NEGATIVE PHYSIOLOGICAL (Toxic) & QUANTUM PHYSIOLOGICAL (Energetic) REACTIONS OR IMBALANCES! AND THIS, CAUSES CANCER!

When women (And men) finally get the correct information they deserve on the true causes of all cancers (breast cancer included), they will understand it is a self-inflicting illness, and they have always had the power to cure themselves without Chemical Therapy (mustard gas from WWI & WWII), Radiation (extremely high man-made electromagnetic frequency waves), or sudden surgery (unnatural slicing of the anatomy). When your pH Level (Potential Of Hydrogen) is 7.4 or above, you CAN NOT develop cancer of any kind! This is a biologically proven & documented fact, globally!

Consider this if you will. No more mammograms (the radiation from this procedure will increase the risk of breast cancer development by up to 5% annually and may rupture the cancer walls or lymph nodes from the massive pressure against the breasts)! No more biopsies (which punctures cancer cells and tumors so these toxic cells can roam freely throughout the bloodstream to house themselves in other acidic areas within the body)! No more checking under your breasts once a month starting at the age of 40 (which creates negative thoughts or worry of having the cancer in this specific area, habitual negative thoughts will eventually manifest your negative physiological symptoms, this is how the human mind & body work in tandem; you become that which you think of yourself)! This age range may drop to 35 or even 30 in the next decade. No more of your gorgeous hair falling out (this is from the conventional man-made radiation and chemical therapy that kill every fabric of all human hair follicles)! No more having your breasts removed unnecessarily (with no efforts in learning of the root cause, this is a quick moneymaker for the surgeon, and is one of the most heinous frauds and insults against the female anatomy, with the hysterectomy being the other). No more extreme weight loss (because the unnatural chemicals and radiation literally suck the life-energy out of all your vital organs and cells)! No more being bed ridden for weeks on end because of extreme weakness (again this is from the overwhelming onslaught of radiation and chemical therapy that destroys every divine process of being human)! Do you think & believe YOUR primary physician would prefer having any of these standard treatments and after-effects if they were diagnosed with cancer? This is something to ponder.

Think for a moment! Would you rather pay pennies on the dollar of your hard earned money to prevent or heal/cure yourself of your illness? Or go into massive debt paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Pharma Industrial Complex because they’ve conditioned and programmed you to fear cancer?

Although there are several natural methods globally, three of the stand-out exampled suggestions or recommendations facilitated to have the body cure/heal itself of any cancer is to #1: have Vitamin-B17 through certain foods (mainly the seed kernels of the apricot), #2: sodium bicarbonate (baking soda w/ distilled water), or #3: do intravenous Vitamin-C for up to 4 weeks instead of intravenous chemical therapy or radiation therapy which is always going to be the first protocols by nearly all conventional Oncologist because that's all they were taught in medical school, so this is all they know, and it’s not their fault. You’ll rarely here of these or any other natural methods in the mainstream of news sources, if at all. These protocols have been proven around the world to be highly effective in assisting the body with healing/curing itself of cancer, cancerous tumors, and other viral or bacterial diseases as well.

YOU create your cancer or tumor condition. Cancer development is not some random act of nature that selectively chooses, "Who can I give CANCER to today"? GOD DOES NOT give anyone cancer. It is not “God’s Will” to give anyone cancer. This is an ignorant statement I’ve heard numerous times in the past. Nor would God recommend man-made chemical therapy or man-made radiation therapy as a so-called "CURE", which goes against our true nature. No human being on Earth develops any type of cancer because of a chemical therapy deficiency or from a lack of radiation within the body. So why on living Earth would anyone think & believe those procedures would be a sufficient or efficient way to heal cancer cells? One potential cause women tend to overlook, may not be aware of, and may want to consider is using solid antiperspirant type deodorant. These are made with aluminum chemicals and other synthetic factors that absorb into the pores of the armpit, and clog the many lymph nodes that flow directly into the breast tissues. These chemicals create an acidic lymphatic flow in the breast area, thus creating the perfect environment for cancer to develop and fester. Cancer thrives in an anaerobic and toxic environment, always.

Think for another moment! Cancer is merely a symptom of an individual’s negative thought, food, or environmental habits. Only 3 factors create ALL cancers. The first factor is Nutritional Deficiencies. The human body at the cellular level is craving for REAL ORGANIC FOOD from the Living Earth! The second factor is lack of oxygen & hydrogen. Nobel Prize physicians & scientists from the 1920's & 1930's proved cancer CAN NOT survive in a high pH or alkaline environment, period! The third factor and most important is negative emotional stress or trauma. Negative traumatic events in ones life, which create habitual negative thought patterns throughout life, changing the entire physiology of the human stature. All of these parts create the whole of having the ultimate lack of energy. These misalignments within the body, along with compromises against your divine nature create illness, and nothing else.

Keep in mind, there is no financial incentive in synthetic western medicine for people being totally healthy. The medical industry's mere existence is solely dependent on people being totally sick and unhealthy, every single day. And this is called our great American "Health Care" system. Currently the masses have been programmed to call it “Obama Care”, which is the ultimate title of arrogance by a United States President. With the recent introduction of this arrogant “health” plan called the “Affordable Care Act”, it is in the best interest of the individual to take a personal and more responsible role in his or her health matters. Just look at the television advertising in America. There are conglomerate establishments like The City Of Hope and Cancer Treatment Centers Of America that use human beings as guinea pigs for new research, trial medications, and lighter forms of chemical therapy to "treat" or “manage” the symptoms, not "cure" or “heal” the root cause. Even the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) has partnered with Susan G. Komen For The Cure, which brings in hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars annually of donations to this and other foundations for more so-called research, while the heads of these foundations pocket most of the money collected. Susan G. Komen For The Cure is also the worlds largest non-profit funder for breast cancer research, has been caught in multiple frauds in recent years, and owns stock in GE (General Electric) and pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca, which are both huge mammogram endorsers. As a side-note, General Electric and Philips owns and manufactures the radiation machines used for mammograms in cancer treatment facilities such as the conglomerate establishments mentioned earlier.

With all of this money being thrown around for nearly 40 years, don’t you think conventional western medicine would have found a cure for cancer by now, 10 times over? That’s something to ponder as well. Money is NOT the cure for cancer, informational truth is! A retired German Naturopathic physician who lives here in America, and currently has the highest cancer cure rate in the world at 92.3% will never be seen on mainstream American television. He has given the exact protocols to help over 35,000 patients with Stage 1, 2, 3, and 4 terminal cancers or tumors HEAL or “CURE” themselves without chemical therapy, radiation, or surgery. And it is all documented!

So which do you prefer to be ladies? Being totally healthy and happy every day? Or, would you rather live being totally sick and unhappy every day? This is something to highly consider & ponder. You deserve to be completely informed about cancer & cancerous tumors, not purposely misinformed about them. This keeps the vicious cycle turning in favor of the medical establishment, at your expense. Remember, YOU are responsible for your health, not your doctor. Prevention is always the key. For your better health, and prevention or self-healing of all cancers, get informed with true & historically documented scientific & biological truths. The current health & medical paradigm must shift! To live, it is your birthright, and YOU, have the right to live. Start taking care of YOU. Knowing absolute truth will set all of us free.

~ Kennon Wesley Mason, H.A.P.P.

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