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In Focus: Dr. Roma J. Benjamin

To kick off our "In Focus Series", we are catching up with Dr. Roma J. Benjamin, Pastor & Founder of Greater Faith Ministries, Roma J. Benjamin Ministries and the New Sound Literacy and Technology Center in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

As one of the first featured guests on Aimed 2 Purpsoe-The Radio Show, we were excited to present the topic "EACH ONE TEACH ONE: The State of Education Today”.

During the broadcast, Dr. Benjamin offered great insight into the state of the education system and what she is doing to make a difference in her community. So where is Dr. Benjamin now? See below for her reflection.

In Her Own Words...

"New Sound Literacy and Technology Centers has continued to expand throughout the Harrisburg region as well as the nation and across seas. Thus far, my Center has been placed in one private school, two daycares, and I am consulting three churches outside of Pennsylvania. Doors of opportunity and exposure continue to swing open as I am being sought after by educators and parents alike. I have been featured in magazines, on the news, and many radio stations addressing not only the issue of illiteracy, but also the solution. Recently, Dr. Marco Clark, of the Richard-Wright School of Journalism, paid visit to my church with a powerful message, “Getting back to the Mountain”. Taking the mountain of education back to the Mountain of God is the goal and I will keep moving forward one child at a time. This movement has stirred up the people of this nation to no longer accept the statistics and labels of reading and education placed upon our kids. I look forward to many more collaborative projects and opportunities to open my centers."

The New Sound Literacy and Technology Centers' mission is to create an environment that stops illiteracy for children ages 4-14. The organization is committed to helping increase reading skills and put joy back into learning and reading. The mission is to create an environment for students to realize and fulfill their potential as accomplished readers. Learn more at

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