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In Focus: Kerri Zane

Kerri Zane is the whitty and business savvy "Single Mom Lifestyle Expert" who is helping women reclaim their identity, and take charge of their lives all while being fearless and fabulous.

When we last spoke with Kerri, she stopped by Aimed 2 Purpose-The Radio Show for a special show called ”Tips for Becoming A Succesful Single Mom". In the interview she shared her personal journey of finding love and rediscovering her zest for life after divorce. Now she continues to inspire other women going through similar experiences-simply to encourage them that there is hope to begin-AGAIN!

In her latest book "It Takes All 5: A Single Mom’s Guide to Finding the REAL One”, she outlines a powerful, life-altering, and empowering guide for all single moms to be the best woman they can be; inside and out.

Kerri is also a coach who offers online courses to help single mom’s get back on track. They cover everything from divorce and career, to dating and finances. Get started today by visiting

Also be on the lookout for a new novel from Kerri entitled "My Lover's Keeper" available Spring 2016. Get more details at

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