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In Focus: Dr. Michael Gaeta

Dr. Michael Gaeta helped Aimed 2 Purpose-The Radio Show celebrate its 1 year anniversary, by appearing as a special guest to discuss "The Global Vaccine Myth: What You Need to Know". This show highligthted mandatory vaccinations and its impact on citizens around the globe.

At the time, California State Legislature had just passed SB277- a Bill that removed ALL exemptions makingt parents required to vaccinate children in order for public school enrollment. The conversation continues as subsequent Bills have surfaced-making a global impact on the healthcare debate.

Since the show, Dr. Gaeta continues a busy schedule as Speaker, Dietician-Nutritionist, Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Writer, and Musician. He remains at the forefront of his industry-advocating for patient rights, educating other healthcare practioners and encouraging the public to stay inforrmed on how current healthcare laws impact families.

For those who are interested in learning more about Dr. Gaeta and his many services. Reference the links below:

  • Live Trainings, Mentoring Programs and Distance Learnings, which can be found at

  • Online Video Education for SP Clinicians & their Patients can be found

  • Nutrition & Business Success for Acupuncturists:

  • Listen to the "What We Need to Know with Michael Gaeta" podcast. Archives can be found here

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