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In Focus: Patrick Faucette

When we last spoke with Patrick Faucette, he visted the show as one of our special guests during the A2P Radio "Hollywood" Series. His claim to fame, was having a reoccuring guest role on Tyler Perry hit TV show, the "Haves and the Have Nots". But his insightful interview gave our viewers a front row seat into his world as an actor-giving us a peak inside what it takes to manuever through the entertainment industry.

Since the interview, Patrick has been hard at work seeking out his next BIG project and continuing to support his favorite cause.


"First of all I wanted to say I had such a great time interviewing with you guys. Since the interview, I've been reading a lot of scripts and getting involved with a few projects, big and small. You never know when a small project will turn into a big one. I've also been auditioning for a lot for film and television parts. I've been able to work on my advocacy of organ donation as well doing interviews and appearances to promote organ donation and urge people to register as organ donors especially African Americans since we are 3x more likely to suffer from Kidney disease." For the latest on Patrick visit the following sites:




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